Get naked with LPG bottled gas.

We’ve stripped away everything that’s complicated with bottled gas.

You don’t have to pay for a year’s bottle rental all in one go, you just pay a small $10 a month. Plus it’s $99 a bottle if you have your electricity and bottled gas with Energy Online.

Add bottled gas in under 5 minutes

No upfront rental fees. $99 per bottle with electricity. $10 per month.

*$99 per bottle available when you have both Electricity and Bottled Gas with Energy Online ($115 per bottle for Bottled Gas only).

Add bottled gas with us today.

We love helping customers get the best possible deal we have for their energy. We may contact you using the details you have entered to see how we can help you with your sign up if you don't complete the sign-up process.

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Gas bottle supply and access

Please note if there are currently no 45kg gas bottles connected at your service address, a gas fitter will be required to attend the site to connect bottles after your bottle delivery has taken place. If you currently have empty bottles connected, Energy Online will deliver and connect your replacement bottles however these will be left turned off. For your safety, please ensure all appliances which use gas are turned off prior to turning your new bottles on.

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